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Selling second-hand has never been so simple.

Fill out our quick online form telling us a little about the clothes you want to sell.

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Step 1


What types of clothes can I send you?

  • We accept a range of high quality womenswear (though no fast fashion!)

  • Fill out our online form with details of the items you want to sell. 

    • Note that items on this list will be automatically accepted following form completion.

    • Items not on this list will still be considered and you will receive an email confirming if they have been accepted.


What quality do these need to be in?

  • Items can show signs of wear but should not be damaged (no rips, stains or peeling designs!)

  • We do not accept counterfeit items.


What payout do I get?

  • Your payout depends on the item value. See our payout structure below.

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  • We have benchmarked this against our competitors to ensure you make the most from your preloved items!

“I wanted to sell my old clothes but I didn't have the time or energy - Rejazz has made the whole process so easy!”

Bethan Ellis, 23

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