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Quality Scale







Brand New with Tags (BNWT):

  • Description: The item is in pristine condition, never worn, and still has original tags attached.

  • Characteristics: No signs of wear, tags intact, and in original packaging (if applicable).

Like New (LN):

  • Description: The item appears brand new, but may have been worn once or twice.

  • Characteristics: Minimal to no signs of wear, no stains, tears, or alterations.

Excellent Condition (EC):

  • Description: The item shows very gentle wear and is in excellent overall condition.

  • Characteristics: Slight signs of wear that are not easily noticeable, well-maintained, no major flaws.

Very Good Condition (VGC):

  • Description: The item has been worn, but shows minimal wear and is still in great shape.

  • Characteristics: Light wear that may include minor pilling, slight fading, or small, easily repairable flaws.

Good Condition (GC):

  • Description: The item has been worn and shows moderate signs of wear.

  • Characteristics: Noticeable wear, but still functional and wearable. May have moderate pilling, fading, or small flaws.

Fair Condition (FC):

  • Description: The item shows significant signs of wear but is still usable.

  • Characteristics: Visible wear, may have noticeable pilling, fading, or larger flaws. Repairable with some effort.

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