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Selling second-hand has never been so simple.

Step 1

Order a free rejazz clear out bag from our website.

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What types of clothes can I send you?

  • We accept good quality womenswear from a wide range of brands.

  • Click here to see our list of approved brands. These align with our commitment to sustainability i.e. no fast fashion!

  • If we receive items not on this list, we cannot guarantee you'll receive a payout.


What quality do these need to be in?

  • Items can show signs of wear but should not be damaged (no rips, stains or peeling designs!)

  • We do not accept counterfeit items.

  • If we receive items that are low quality, we cannot guarantee you'll receive a payout.


How do I return my clear out bag?

  • You have two options when it comes to returning your bag to us:

  • Drop offWe will send a pre-paid shipping label with your clear out bag. Attach the label and drop off the bag whenever you like at a local EVRi drop off point.

  • Collection: We can pick up your bag direct from your house! All you need to do is message us on Instagram* (@rejazzshop) quoting your order number and a preferred pick up date/time. We will confirm your pick up slot and send you a QR code to show your delivery driver.


“I wanted to sell my old clothes but I didn't have the time or energy - Rejazz has made the whole process so easy!”

Holly Wilks, 23

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