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Join the community of Rejazz brand ambassadors

What are the perks?

Earn commission from your own unique code 

Exclusive discounts and offers on Rejazz items

Early access to new collections

Invitations to exclusive events and meetups

Showcased content on Rejazz platforms

Free branded merchandise

And more!


Ellie, 23

 "I share Rejazz's vision of a more sustainable fashion industry and as a brand ambassador, I feel proud to be able to inspire and encourage others to be more eco-conscious in their choices."

Rebecca, 28

"Being a Rejazz brand ambassador has elevated my passion for sustainable fashion. I have particularly loved being part of events and a community that shares my passion for pre-loved!"

Gabriella, 25

"Being a Rejazz brand ambassador has not only allowed me to champion sustainable fashion but also to turn my influence into income through the rewarding commission structure."

Become an ambassador today!

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Thanks for applying! We will aim to get back to you with 48 hours.

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