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  • How does the selling process work?
    Selling your pre-loved clothes with Rejazz is simple and hassle-free. Here's how it works: Submit Your Request: Start by submitting a request to sell your clothes with us. You can do this through our online form or by contacting us on social media. Send Us Your Clothes: Once your request is accepted, gather up the items you'd like to sell and ensure they're in good condition. You have two options for sending us your clothes (drop them off at your nearest EVRi point or we can pick up direct from you). We Handle Everything: We'll handle the process of photographing, listing, and marketing your items on our platform to maximise their visibility and appeal to potential buyers. Earn Cash: You'll get notified via email when an item sells and you can select your preferred payment method (via bank transfer, PayPal or you can choose to donate the proceeds to charity).
  • What types of clothing can I send you?
    We accept a range of high quality womenswear (though no fast fashion!) Fill out our online form with details of the items you want to sell. Note that items on this list will be automatically accepted following form completion. Items not on this list will still be considered and you will receive an email confirming if they have been accepted. Items can show signs of wear but should not be damaged (no rips, stains or peeling designs!). We do not accept counterfeit items.
  • Who decides the selling price of my items?
    We decide the price of your item based on an evaluation its quality, brand and demand.
  • What payout will I receive?
    The payout you receive depends on the sale value of your item. We have benchmarked this against our competitors to ensure you make the most from your preloved items! Our commission covers all photographing, styling, editing, listing, marketing and storage of your item(s), as well as managing customer queries and delivering items to buyers. So you can sit back and relax, while we do all the hard work!
  • How do I send you my clothes?
    There are two options when it comes to returning your clothes to us. Drop off: We email you a pre-paid shipping label and you can send us your clothes via any EVRi drop off point. (No printer required). Click here to find your nearest EVRi drop off point. Pick up: We email you with options for pick up dates/times. Once you've confirmed your slot, we will collect your clothes direct from your house.
  • How much do items generally sell for?
    Typically, pre-loved clothes for around 25% of its RRP (and on platforms such as Vinted, often even lower). At Rejazz, we list good quality items that are professionally photographed and authenticated, meaning we are able to sell items for at least 40% of RRP and often even more!
  • How do I get paid for items that sell?
    Once an item sells, you get an email notifying you. This will include a link to a form to submit details on how you'd like to be paid (bank transfer, PayPal), including an option to have your proceeds donated to charity. You can choose to have these preferences saved for all future payouts.
  • What happens if my items don't sell?
    At Rejazz, we understand that not every item may find its perfect match right away. If your items don't sell after four months, we offer the following options: Re-list: You have the option to re-list your unsold items at a reduced price for another chance at finding a buyer. Return: If you prefer to have your unsold items returned to you, we'll arrange for them to be shipped back at your expense. Donate: Alternatively, you can choose to have your unsold items donated to charity. We partner with reputable organisations to ensure that your items are put to good use and benefit those in need.
  • Are all of your items quality checked?
    Every item listed on Rejazz has been quality checked by our team to ensure they are of high standard. Designer items are authenticated by a third party.
  • Do you offer returns?
    You can return your item within 14 days for a full refund. Please note, the cost of return shipping is covered by you. If you return your item within 28 days, you will receive the equivalent amount in store credits to use on another item on our site.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    We currently only ship to the UK and Ireland. If are based elsewhere and would like to make a purchase, message our customer service team at to see if this can be arranged.
  • How can I contact customer support if I have a question or issue?
    If you have any questions, concerns, or issues, our dedicated customer support team is ready to help. Here are the various ways you can get in touch with us: Email: You can reach us via email at Instagram: You can DM us on Instagram @rejazzshop Our team will respond to your inquiry as quick as possible, typically with 24 hours.

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